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Welcome to Bombay Express

2, Torrisholme Court, 312 Lancaster Road

Check out our new online ordering website where you can browse all of our online takeaway menu.

About Us

Bombay Express is based in 2 Torrisholme Court, 312 Lancaster Road, Lancashire., LA4 6LY. We aim to bring all of our customers the best value for money, services and food around, plus we are constantly aiming to improve our service in 312 Lancaster Road. You can now order food online. Try our online website which contains all our menu. We offer deliveries to all surrounding areas of 312 Lancaster Road . We offer all our customers fast food delivery. You can now order your favourite dish online and get fast home delivery. We are very particular about our service and quality to give our customers a better experience; which is why we are now proud to offer this fantastic online ordering website. You can even pay online and get your food delivered to your home in 312 Lancaster Road.

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Meal Deal 1

1 Popadom And 3 Dips,1 Dish From Classic Selection,1 Rice,1 Naan King Prawn,Garlic Tikka And Duck Extra 2 Pound

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Meal Deal 2

2 Poppadoms,Full Chutney Tray,Mixed Platter,2 Classic Dishes,2 Rice/Pilau Rice,1 Naan,Any 2 Cans Of Pop

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Chicken Nuggets,Chips And Drink

Try our special pizza, made with golden touch of our master chef.

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This is the best indian take out in the area in my view. It has a 5 star hygene rating, which to me is very important and serves the very best vindaloo for miles around. For those with less hot tastes (like my wife), the other curries are spot on, as are the starters. In fact, if I wasn't so honest, I'd tell you to stay away because its rubbish, but I can't bring myself to do that. What a softie........

Peter Wellburn

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Our Food

As a food chain, we are proud to say we have made some changes for you, our customers. Without you, there would be no us. So, we are making it our mission to be the food sector you want. One that is dedicated to improving the way we prepare food and the ingredients that go into it.

Our Service

We create magic for all ages with our mouth smacking foods and swiftest restaurant takeaway service. We assure you to get the best possible service from each of our staff members. It’s our service that will keep us in your memories and our food will definitely bring you back again.

Our Menu

Here you have a wide range of menu to choose from. We love to see you taste our new add-ons and welcome you to give a feedback. We can promise you every dish will have its own unique flavour and its own charm to enhance your experience of takeaway food. Let’s taste the world in a different way.

Our Hygiene

We take strong step towards providing hygienic food to all our beloved consumers. From raw materials, ingredients to cooking and then packaging we take care of the hygiene level properly so that we can provide you with the tastiest yet most hygienic food.

Our Value

Is our restaurant on your way to work or perhaps just down the street? Feel like having a walk? You can place an order online and pick it up from our restaurant at ease. We will neither keep you waiting nor rip you off, we value your time and money. So, you can grab your favourite meal at a go.

Our Price

Today as you can see everything is priced sky high. Look around and you will find most of the food sector overpriced and over rated. We assure you our food will fill your appetite, will treat your taste buds and will enhance your metabolism but will not cost you a fortune. It’s cheap & great!!

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